Sunday 19 February 2017

Bespoke Batch Fryers At Their Best

We supply our bespoke, commercial batch fryers, manufactured to the highest standards and specifications, to the national and international markets, where they are very well received.

Working from our Norfolk premises, our highly skilled engineers take care to consider precision temperature control, oil flow, ease of use, clean operation and reliability when designing the fryers, using their extensive expertise and experience to the full. In addition to designing and fabricating the fryers, we offer a full installation, refurbishment and maintenance service, ensuring clients get the best from their chosen machine.

In fact, thanks to the finely engineered PLC control system, our bespoke fryers can be fully accessed and monitored on site from a remote location, with the ability to download data to the hard drive, ensuring smooth running and convenient use for the client. Offering large capacity in relation to the area of footprint, the fryers are available in four different sizes, offering a range from 100-300kg per hour of finished product. The machines are designed with the ability to handle eight batches per hour – they have the capability to produce large quantities per every hour!

And, of course,  our batch fryers are just one example of the finely engineered, thermally efficient equipment that we supply to the food industry, with industrial ovens, conveyor systems, bespoke food manufacturing equipment and industrial dryers being other popular fabrications

Our great workforce at L and G Engineering, together with ‘hands-on’ founders/directors Adrian and David, are passionate about engineering and work towards very exacting standards. We're proud to say, “Our batch fryers are currently the best on the market!”